CM016P - InnoMed Nasal-Aire II Petite Mask

Nasal Cannula Mask - 5 Sizes Available
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Nasal Cannula Mask

  • Virtually leak-free and ergonomically designed to fit the smallest of faces
  • Minimalistic design virtually eliminates pressure points on the face allowing the interface to be worn for extended periods of time without discomfort
  • Nasal cannula design optimizes seal within the nose, offers an unobstructed line of sight and helps to reduce feelings of claustrophobia
  • Headgear with secure fit design allows the user to sleep in most any position comfortably
  • Built-in swivel prevents tubing from pulling and kinking, allowing a more comfortable, uninterrupted night’s sleep

HCPCS# MASK - A7034 • HEADGEAR - A7035 • CANNULA - A7033