PMT003 Physicool Coolant Refill Spray Bottle (500ml)

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The Physicool Coolant Refill Spray (500ml) provides instant cooling and pain relief when used with the Physicool Bandages. This clinically proven, alcohol-based solution goes straight to the nerve endings, outperforminging ice-based treatment in reducing inflammation and speeding up recovery. Unlike treatments that mask pain through cold temperatures, Physicool pulls heat from injuries with a rapid evaporation technique. The result is quicker and more effective pain relief. Plus, there’s no need for refrigeration!

The Physicool Coolant can be used to recharge the Size A - Small Physicool Bandage for 6 two-hour additional uses, or Size B - Large Physicool Bandage for 4 two-hour additional uses.

  • Clinically proven
  • No need to refrigerate
  • Swelling/inflammation reduction
  • Fast acting pain relief
  • Instant cooling

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