CAP10082 Portable Outlet UPS CPAP Battery

Rechargeable Battery with AC and USB Outlets and AutoSwitch Technology
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The Portable Outlet Uninterruptable Power Supply and CPAP Battery prevents blackouts from interrupting CPAP treatment. Plug the Portable Outlet into any wall outlet and connect your CPAP machine. Should a power outage occur, your CPAP machine will seamlessly continue without any interruptions.

Enjoy portable power and backup on the road or in the air! Portable Outlet is TSA/FAA approved. It even provides AC outlet power for your other electronic devices.

No additional adapters needed for use in the USA!


  • Main unit
  • AC power/charging cord
  • Travel bag


  • AutoSwitch technology: CPAP stays on during power outages
  • Three-prong AC outlet
  • Two USB ports
  • Digital display
  • Meets TSA/FAA battery guidelines
  • 1-year warranty
  • Rated for over 500 charge cycles
  • Recharges in less than 4 hours
  • May be used for other devices powered by AC or USB
  • AC and USB ports may be used simultaneously

Use CAPDC2AC to recharge the Portable Outlet CPAP Battery using a car's 12V lighter outlet


  • 2.875 lbs
  • 5.375 in wide x 9 in long x 1.5 in tall
  • Rated Capacity: 159Wh/14.4Ah
  • Rated Voltage: 14.5V
  • Charge Input: 16.8V/2A
  • USB Output: 5V/4.2A
  • AC Output: 110v AC 60hz/100w
  • AC Adapter Input: 100V-240V/50-60Hz

On average, the Power Outlet UPS runs CPAP machines 10 to 14 hours (with average pressure, and unheated tube/humidifier).

The Portable Outlet CPAP Battery flier