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SomniFix® Strips reduce open-mouth snoring, and can improve sleep quality, even for non-snorers. SomniFix® Strips gently adhere to the lips to provide a non-invasive option to curb mouth breathing.
Unlike chinstraps, SomniFix Strips allow for natural jaw movement while keeping the lips closed. This means no more mouth breathing! The strips also include a small breathing vent to allow for partial airflow and comfort.

Promotes nose breathing

Simplest, safest, and most effective way to ensure nose breathing while sleeping

Excellent for CPAP users

Improves compliance by reducing air leaks through the mouth during sleep

Great for on the go

Take on trips for restful sleep on flights or anywhere away from home

No sticky residue

Made with skin-friendly, hypoallergenic adhesive specifically engineered for lip contact

Easy to apply

Simply unpeel and place over closed mouth with the vent at the center of lips

Easy to take off

Painlessly and easily detaches when removing

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