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Customized anesthesia workstation for every anesthetizing location

Photos of Anestand in use with close-up of tray clamps

Benefits to Providers

  • Keeps medications near IV port
  • Provides ergonomical work space
  • Makes wiping IV port easy
  • Serves as extra set of hands when help isn’t near
  • Helps make RSI safe
  • Creates valuable space for non-OR anesthesia

Value to Hospital

  • Helps with regulatory compliance
  • Sharps management
  • May help reduce HAIs
  • Demonstrates support for anesthesia team
  • Features reusable/single fixed cost
  • The recessed tray holds and organizes supplies for induction of anesthesia and most anesthetic procedures
  • Clips keep IV tubing securely in place, so it’s easy to “scrub the hub”
  • Corner grips for suction tubing and more
  • The adjustable support post lets you position it just where you need it
  • The anesthesia circuit clips keep your circuit fixed and firmly in place
  • Patented clamp attached to OR bed, IV pole, or inpatient bed

Anestand can help health systems save lives, lower costs and improve compliance.
All at the same time.

Item# ANE77006 Anestand Tray and Clamp
Item# ANE77001 Anestand Replacement Tray
Item# ANE77005 Anestand Replacement Clamp

PeDIA Logo - Pediatric Device for Induction of Anesthesia

Stop “brutane” mask induction and turn panic into play!

Child inhaling from PeDIA balloon in OR setting

PeDIA, The Pediatric Device for Induction of Anesthesia

For children, the process of undergoing surgery is already unsettling, and the process of mask-based induction is often the most traumatizing part. Often kids will kick and scream rather, believing they’re being trapped by the gas or suffocated by the mask. The experiences create negative emotional scarring that can last weeks, months or even years.

With the introduction of the revolutionary Pediatric Device for Induction of Anesthesia device, or “PeDIA” for short, that stress and anxiety can be replaced with something colorful and fun.

As the world’s first mask-free system and method for inhalation induction, the PeDIA provides a solution to this problem that anesthesia providers have been researching for decades. It replaces the mask with a colorful balloon, which actually allows the child to put themselves to sleep rather than being forced to submit to an unfamiliar mask.

PeDIA resolves the problems of traditional mask induction while fostering a sense of trust and patient satisfaction.

GuideBlade Logo in black and white

Precise, on the wire incisions for guidewire assisted catheter insertion

GuideBlade—Precision Incisions, Every Time!

GuideBlade Disposable Wire-Guided Scalpel for Central Venous Cannulation

About the GuideBlade™

The GuideBlade™ is the only disposable scalpel on the market engineered specifically to streamline over the wire vascular access placement. The GuideBlade™ allows clinicians to perfectly align the dermatotomy incision made during vascular access placement with the in situ guidewire. This alignment prevents misaligned incisions and dermatotomy incision revisions.

Misaligned skin incisions make passage of dilators and catheters difficult and can lead to guidewire kinking and fracture. Revision of incisions may increase the risk of insertion site bleeding, scarring and catheter associated bloodstream infection.

GuideBlade™ Clinical Benefits

  • Less insertion site bleeding.
  • Maintenance of insertion site skin integrity.
  • Decreased risk of catheter bacterial colonization.
  • Decreased risk of wire related complications (wire fracture and wire kinking).
  • Decreased scarring/improved cosmetic result.

GuideBlade™ In Practice

  • Appropriate for use with guidewires up to and including 0.035” diameter.
  • Useful for placement in a wide range of venous access devices including central venous catheters, PICC lines, venous introducer sheaths, hemodialysis catheters, and percutaneous ECMO cannulas.
  • Particularly useful in procedures placed while wearing protective faceshields where condensation and glare can obscure visualization of the guidewire insertion site.
  • Particularly useful in obese or bleeding patients where wire entry site can be obscured by excess soft tissue or entry site bleeding.
  • Increased benefit when used by trainees and less experienced practitioners.
Image of text box detailing GuideBlade study from Stanford Medicine

The GuideBlade™ Value Proposition

  • Decreases the need to replace kit components (like guidewires, dilators or catheters) that are easily damaged by residual skin tags often seen with standard disposable scalpel use.
  • Decreases insertion site bleeding, thereby decreases the need for frequent dressing changes.
  • Maintains skin integrity and thereby decreases risk of catheter colonization and associated infection.

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