HFN001A Humidoflo High Flow Nasal Cannula


HFN001AS Small
HFN001AM Medium
HFN001AL Large


  • Includes standard ISO connector and F&P adaptor so it can be used with almost any machine on the market
  • Kink-free prongs and flexible, low-noise tubing
  • Comparable to F&P OptiFlow cannula (OPT942, OPT944, OPT946)
  • Can be used with F&P 950, 850, or Airvo system

With Nasal High Flow (NHF) therapy, patients benefit from warmed, humidified oxygen at a flow rate greater than those seen with conventional oxygen delivery devices, and more than peak inspiratory airflow. NHF treatment is better tolerable due to the heated and humidified air. The NHF apparatus is also smaller and more comfortable on the face than an NIV mask. Patients can continue eating, drinking and talking during treatment, leading to higher compliance. Delivery respiratory gases range from 2 – 60 L/min and O2 concentrations range from 21 – 100%. NHF is intended for patients in homes and long-term care facilities and may help prevent intubation.

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