MAT2300T1 Motif Twist Double Electric Breast Pump


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The Motif Twist is ideal for moms looking for portable convenience. The Twist works at home or on-the-go, with an AC adapter or battery power option. Users simply twist the knob to select different suction and massage settings. The blue LED light timer tracks pumping sessions. The Twist allows moms to customize their pumping experience to fit their comfort level.

Features & Benefits:

  • Super lightweight design. Weighs less than ½ a pound.
  • Single or double pumping session.
  • Closed system. Backflow prevention keeps the motor and tubing clean, preventing contamination.
  • Dual power options. Use it stationary or on battery power (4 AA batteries).
  • Quiet motor for discreet pumping.
  • Adjustable suction pattern designed for maximum letdown.

What’s included:

  • 1 – Motif Twist Breast Pump
  • 2 – 24mm Breastshields
  • 2 – Breastshield Covers (to keep out dirt/dust)
  • 2 – 24mm Massage Silicone Inserts
  • 2 – 80mL Breast Milk Containers
  • 2 – Nipples – Low Flow
  • 2 – Valves
  • 2 – Membranes
  • 2 – Tubing
  • 2 – Connectors and Diaphrams
  • 1 – AC Adapter

Resupply Kit

MATAAA001805 Twist – Resupply Kit (24/28/32mm)


Works to express milk from the breast as efficiently as possible


Helps stimulate let-down by mimicking a baby’s nursing pattern


Backflow protection keeps the motor and tubing clean, preventing contamination


Allows you to pump stationary or on battery power with AA batteries


Less than half a pound — perfect for portability


No loud hum — great for discreet pumping

Pump How You Want & How You Need

The Twist is full of options, including the choices for single or double pumping, battery-powered or stationary, and adjustable suction. Also featuring Massage and Expression modes, The Twist allowes you to pump to your comfort anywhere and anytime.

Allowing moms to twist to their preferred pump levels, the Motif Twist is the ultimate pump for customized and easy pumping!

Product Manual

Product Manual – Spanish

Breast Shield Size Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Twist available through insurance?

Yes, but coverage will vary depending on your specific insurance plan. To find a supplier who can help get your Motif Twist through insurance, you can use the Insurance Lookup Tool.

What’s the difference in pump modes?

Massage Mode has a higher cycle setting and lower vacuum level to initiate milk let down. You can not adjust cycles in Massage Mode. Expression Mode has slower cycles and a higher vacuum setting to express milk efficiently.

Are Twist parts BPA-free?

Yes! All Motif collection containers, lids, caps, nipples, valves, flanges, and tubing are BPA free.

Full FAQ Here


Description Item #
Breast Pump Parts & Accessories:
Twist – Containers MATMCTBOT
Twist – Containers (4-pack) MATAAA001808
Twist – Power Adapter MATMTP
Twist – Tubing MATMTT
Twist – Breastshields – 24MM MATAAA001801
Twist – Breastshields – 28MM MATAAA001802
Twist – Breastshields – 32MM MATAAA001803
Twist – Breastshield Connectors MATAAA001804
Twist – Valves MATMCTVAL
Twist – Diaphragms MATAAA001806
Universal Accessories:
Wide Bottle Adapter MATAAA001314
Pump-To-Bag Adapter (Wide Mouth) MATAAA001701
Motif Breast Pump Backpack MATAAA001401
Motif Wet/Dry Bag – Green MATAAA001501
Milk Storage Bag (40/pack) MATAAC000801
Milk Storage Bag (90/pack) MATAAC000803
Milk Storage Bag (100/pack) MATAAC000806
Milk Storage Bag (300/pack) MATAAC000808
Disposable Nursing Pads (60/pack) MATAAC000902
Micro-Steam Sterilizer Bag (7/box) MATAAC001801
Reusable Silicone Milk Storage Bags (3/bag) MATAAC000805
Reusable Nursing Pads (14/bag) MATAAC000903
Soothing Hydrogel Nipple Pads (4/pack) MATAAC000904
Maternity Supplements:
Milk Boosting Support MATAAD00011

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