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Cost savings

Sunset offers industry-leading, aggressive pricing competitive with major suppliers in this category.

Easy implementation

With a catalog curated around industry standards and Premier provided usages, we reduce the need for additional training or procedural changes.

Industry-leading customer service

As part of our small business ethos, every customer has access to personalized, live support for ordering, ETAs, tracking, backorder communication, product information, returns, troubleshooting, etc.

Trusted, consistent supply

Leveraging over a decade’s worth of manufacturing relationships, Sunset’s experienced procurement team navigates complex, ever-changing, and pandemic-related supply chain challenges. Our strategically located warehouses deliver faster lead times regardless of location.

SKU reduction

By selecting Sunset as a vendor, members have access to SKU reduction opportunities that can simplify their supply chain and standardize clinical procedures.

Find your rep

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Here for you more than ever

Count on Sunset for tailored service and the creative solutions you need


Consistent great value

Choose from the highest quality products available at a low price point


Live support

Speak directly to a member of our growing and connected sales team


Customized packaging

Benefit from the most flexible packaging options in the industry


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