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What is Microflow used for?

Microflow is primarily used to supply supplementary oxygen to infants with bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD).

BPD is common in very low birth weight and pre-term infants that have needed mechanical ventilation or have been treated with high oxygen concentrations due to respiratory distress syndrome (RDS)/ chronic lung disease (CLD).

The risk of RDS/CLD is inversely related to birth weight and gestational age.

Infants may need very low supplementary oxygen for many months to compensatefor underdeveloped lungs.

Microflow benefits

  • Enables baby to receive oxygen therapy at home, putting families together sooner and increasing parent satisfaction
  • Less time in hospital, lower cost of care
  • Accurate, repeatable steps
  • Micro step changes in flow
  • Enables low flow rates to achieve target saturation
  • Enables oxygen flow to be weaned

DISS Inlet • Barbed Outlet

Item#Flow Range
RES8160032A 0.02-3 LPM
RES8160034E 0.01-1 LPM

DISS Inlet • DISS Outlet

Item#Flow Range
RES8160033A 0.02-3 LPM
RES8160035E 0.01-1 LPM

Also available:

RES8160037 Ohmeda Inlet • Barbed Outlet


Dial PositionOff1234567891011
Range A00.
Range E00.

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