March 2024

Smart Nora introduces innovative, contact-free anti-snoring solution to DME market

Sunset Healthcare Solutions is teaming up with Smart Nora to bring DMEs a game-changing, contact-free solution that improves sleep for snorers and their partners. Smart Nora’s patented technology, validated by science, revolutionizes the anti-snoring device market, targeting over 151 million adults in the US and Canada who seek a more comfortable and effective remedy.

Smart Nora transforms any pillow into an anti-snore marvel, catering to the needs of diverse sleepers—whether side, back, or stomach. Its discreet Pebble sensor detects early signs of snoring, orchestrating gentle adjustments under the pillow to stimulate throat muscles and restore the airway, seamlessly preventing snoring without disrupting sleep. Customizable settings ensure personalized comfort, with the device’s silent operation enhancing the sleeping experience.

Backed by SleepScore Labs’ research, which underscores its effectiveness, Smart Nora emerges as a top choice among snorers, with 78% reporting superior results compared to other remedies and 90% finding it easy to include in their routine. Clinical validation from professionals like Dr. Roy Raymann underscores Smart Nora’s transformative impact on patients’ lives, even for those who snore heavily, heralding a new era in snoring solutions.

“Healthy sleep is essential to our physical and mental health.” says Behrouz Hariri, CEO and Co-founder of Smart Nora. “We are excited to grow our impact with the expertise and reach of the Sunset team. We have helped more than 100,000 couples get a better night sleep, but that’s barely scratching the surface. We are on a mission to positively impact millions of snorers and their partners.”

“We are excited to be partnering with Smart Nora to bring this device to the Homecare Industry,” says PJ Ruflin, Vice President of Business Development at Sunset. “It is proven technology that fits right into what many of us focus on in our businesses, which is improving patients’ health and lives through better sleep. Sunset always strives to provide meaningful solutions to both our customers and their patients, and this product fits right into that core objective.”

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