ANE77006 Anestand Anesthesia Stand, Complete Tray and Clamp



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Customized anesthesia workstation for every anesthetizing location

Benefits to Providers

  • Keeps medications near IV port
  • Provides ergonomical work space
  • Makes wiping IV port easy
  • Serves as extra set of hands when help isn’t near
  • Helps make RSI safe
  • Creates valuable space for non-OR anesthesia

Value to Hospital

  • Helps with regulatory compliance
  • Sharps management
  • May help reduce HAIs
  • Demonstrates support for anesthesia team
  • Features reusable/single fixed cost

  • The recessed tray holds and organizes supplies for induction of anesthesia and most anesthetic procedures
  • Clips keep IV tubing securely in place, so it’s easy to “scrub the hub”
  • Corner grips for suction tubing and more
  • The adjustable support post lets you position it just where you need it
  • The anesthesia circuit clips keep your circuit fixed and firmly in place
  • Patented clamp attached to OR bed, IV pole, or inpatient bed

Anestand can help health systems save lives, lower costs and improve compliance.
All at the same time.

Item# ANE77006 Anestand Tray and Clamp
Item# ANE77001 Anestand Replacement Tray
Item# ANE77005 Anestand Replacement Clamp

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