ANEP001 PeDIA Pediatric Anesthesia Balloon


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PeDIA, The Pediatric Device for Induction of Anesthesia

For children, the process of undergoing surgery is already unsettling, and the process of mask-based induction is often the most traumatizing part. Often kids will kick and scream rather, believing they’re being trapped by the gas or suffocated by the mask. The experiences create negative emotional scarring that can last weeks, months or even years.

With the introduction of the revolutionary Pediatric Device for Induction of Anesthesia device, or “PeDIA” for short, that stress and anxiety can be replaced with something colorful and fun.

As the world’s first mask-free system and method for inhalation induction, the PeDIA provides a solution to this problem that anesthesia providers have been researching for decades. It replaces the mask with a colorful balloon, which actually allows the child to put themselves to sleep rather than being forced to submit to an unfamiliar mask.

PeDIA resolves the problems of traditional mask induction while fostering a sense of trust and patient satisfaction.

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