CAP4007 – CoolPAP Pillow

CAP4007 CoolPAP Pillow
CAP4007C CoolPAP Pillow Cover


Improve CPAP Comfort & Compliance

Works with any style and brand of mask

Makes CPAP Easier & More Comfortable

  • Soft Cool Gel regulates temperature
  • Memory Foam Feel for luxurious softness
  • Cooling Cover for added comfort
  • Side Cutouts minimize mask contact to reduce slippage, dry eyes, mask lines, and mask leaks
  • Compression Travel Sleeve allows patients to roll pillow tight for travel or storage; includes convenient carry handle
  • HSA/FSA approved
  • Ideal for side and stomach sleepers

Six Comfort Zones

Diagram of the 6 Comfort Zones on the CoolPAP Pillow

Washable Cover (Included)

Features soft, cooling fabric

CAP4007 Diagram of size of Washable Cover

Perfect for Travel

Easily rolls into the included sleeve to compress for travel or storage

Photo series showing the steps to roll and store CAP4007 CoolPAP Pillow

Eye-Catching Packaging Fits Compactly On Your Shelves

Compressed in package — expands to a full size pillow

Photograph of CoolPAP Pillow box - packaging

Product Specifications

Product Dimensions: 20″ x 11.5″ x 4.5″
Individual Package Dimensions: 12″W x 6″D x 6″H (plus a 6″ header)

CoolPAP Pillow Flyer