CAPB100433 Bleep DreamPreps


100 Pads

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Bleep DreamPreps Use Witch Hazel Instead of Alcohol

Using Witch Hazel instead of alcohol as the primary disinfectant, the DreamPreps are able to remove all makeup, oils, and dirt from the nose. This makes it easier to get a quality seal from the adhesive. The Witch Hazel is intended to be gentler on the skin than alcohol and will be better for long-term use.

100 Pads Included

The cleaner your face, the better the adhesive will stick, and your therapy could be more productive as a result. The Bleep DreamPreps come with 100 pads. It’s normal to use 1 pad to gently clean the nose per day, so the pads should last 100 days.

Important Tips

Don’t Use Soap and Water to Clean Your Nose Before Using the Bleep. If you’re planning on using soap and water to clean your nose, it’s not recommended with the Bleep DreamPort Sleep Solution. Some soaps have lotion in them and can counteract the adhesive tape, making it harder to seal. For this reason, it’s better to clean the face with wipes and remove any oils, makeup, or dirt from the face before applying the DreamPorts.

Instructions for Use

  • Remove one pad from the box, and use this to gently clean the nose and face.
  • Make sure the nose is completely clean before using the DreamPorts.
  • When finished dry the area, and throw the pad away.