CSBD1-Roller O2 Cylinder Roller Bag – Single D/E Tank



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  • Accommodates a single D or E tank
  • Features four grommets to accommodate oxygen tubing
  • Two large and wide cylinder security straps can be easily cinched around the oxygen cylinder to secure it into place
  • Once oxygen system is secured into place, a roller handle can be extended to roll the bag similar to roller luggage
  • Converts to a backpack with two padded backpack straps
  • External mesh side pocket
  • Two side zipper pockets to store supplies

Transporting your oxygen cylinders is a breeze with the Cylinder Roller Bag and Backpack for D and E tanks. The rugged black bag fits one large tank inside the carrier pouch for easy and quick travel. Roll the carrier or wear it as a backpack for complete convenience. The cylinder flap opens all the way to the bottom of the bag with an easy grab zipper handle, making it simple to store and remove the tank.

Sunset HCS O2 Cylinder Roller Bags