RES7000 Maxtec UltraMaxO2 Oxygen Analyzer. Verify oxygen concentration, accuracy of flow, and outlet pressure. LCD Display. Impact Resistant Ergonomic Case. Gas Sample Inlet. Gas Sample Outlet.


The UltraMaxO2 helps oxygen concentrator service technicians looking to save on costs and time when checking patient O2 concentrators. With integrated oxygen, flow, and outlet pressure monitoring in a single device, this handheld device is easy to operate, store, and transport and does not require a traditional electrochemical sensor, which reduces the overall maintenance and minimizes the cost of ownership.

3-Year Warranty

Quick Set-Up & Readouts

  • The UltraMaxO2 displays quick, easy-to-see readings with an overall much shorter setup time. The user only needs to connect the tubing from the gas sample inlet on the UltraMaxO2 directly to the oxygen concentrator. The LCD screen on the UltraMaxO2 displays large, clear numbers of the readings.

Reduced Cost of Ownership With The Ultrasonic Sensor

  • Because the UltraMaxO2 does not require an oxygen sensor, there is no need to replace sensors over time. The built-in ultrasonic sensor is designed to last the life of the analyzer, unlike a traditional galvanic oxygen sensor. This helps maintain a low cost of ownership because the costs associated with maintenance and regularly replacing the sensor are alleviated.

Ability to Check Outlet Pressure

  • Having an integrated pressure monitor paired with %O2 and flow measurement means that you only need one piece of equipment. Other products available potentially exclude this parameter, requiring the use of additional equipment when servicing O2 concentrators.
  • The design also makes checking outlet pressure extremely simple. Covering the outlet port with your finger will switch the reading from displaying %O2 & flow rate to displaying the pressure of the O2 concentrator.
  • There is also an added feature that allows the user to change the unit display for pressure from pounds per square inch to kilopascal; this can be changed by using a switch inside the battery door.

No In-Field Calibration Required

  • In some cases, medical device service technicians are required to record that they have calibrated the analyzer they are using to check equipment. The UltraMaxO2 has a calibration verification button that verifies the unit is working correctly. When you hold down the button, it displays “cal ver” to confirm proper calibration, according to the product’s specifications. If there is an issue with the calibration (i.e. end of life, internal debris, etc.), it will display an error code to let the technician know there is an issue.
  • Some products used for oxygen concentrator servicing recommend that users calibrate their analyzers at 100% O2. This requires tanks or bottles of 100% oxygen and can become challenging to manage.
  • Using an ultrasonic solution like the UltraMaxO2 means the gas is already calibrated and the calibration verification button eliminates the need for in-field calibration

Confidence in What’s Being Delivered

  • The UltraMaxO2 is lightweight, durable, and easy to transport. The small design fits comfortably in the palm of your hand or in your back pocket. It also has a protective silicone case for added durability which helps to avoid damage during transport

Maxtec UltraMaxO2 Flyer

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