Low Concentration

Sunset Lynx Venturi Low Concentration Delivery System and Diagram
Low Concentration Delivery System

Item# RES2400

Adapter Only
Item# RES240LC

24% – 60% FiO2

Six O2 ports deliver concentrations of:
24% • 28% • 35%
40% • 50% • 60%
  • Connect O2 tubing to the desired port to adjust flow
  • Accurate delivery during mild, moderate, and severe respiratory distress
  • Excellent CO2 washout
  • Replaces multiple venturi adapters which often get lost during patient transition

High Concentration

High Concentration Delivery System

Item# RES2401

Adapter Only
Item# RES241HC

65% – 100% FiO2

Single flow (flush) with an adjustable window shutter delivers oxygen concentrations of:
65% • 80% • 100%
  • Allows rapid de-escalation of FiO2 in the EMS ambulance or ED to prevent toxic effects of FiO2, especially in patients with COPD
  • Can replace bulkier high concentration venturis and non-rebreather bag systems
  • Consistently delivers precise FiO from 24% – 50% with 1% variance, and from 65%-100% with 3% variance during mild, moderate, and severe respiratory distress
  • Accurate assessment of the severity of hypoxemia (PaO2/FiO2) allows early intervention and better outcomes

Unprecedented simplicity

No training required. Intuitive design makes it easy for nurses to operate without assistance, freeing up RTs to work where most needed.

Do no harm

Quicker de-escalation of O2 levels and prevention of excessive CO2 in the patient.

Reduction in waste

Remains with patient throughout EMS and hospital journey, replacing multiple adapters which may get lost or contaminated during transition.

Unmatched precision

Provides specific levels of oxygen with less than 2% variance. Comparable products vary by as much as 30%.

Cost-Effective Device Consolidation

  • Replace multiple oxygen delivery systems:
    • Multiple colored venturi adapters (24-60% FiO2)
    • High concentration large venturi
  • 100% NRB bag system
  • More economical deescalation and escalation costs
Lynx Venturi Onesheet

Lynx Venturi Low Concentration IFU

Lynx Venturi High Concentration IFU

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