Photograph of SperaChamber and young girl using SperaChamber to administer medication

Anti-Static Valved Inhaler Chamber for Metered Dose Inhaler


SperaChamber only

Item# RES195-10 10/pack

Illustration of cartoon dog, photograph of pediatric SperaChamber mask

SperaChamber with Dog Mask – Pediatric (3-6 Years)

Item# RES195MS Small
Item# RES195MM Medium

SperaChamber Adult MaskAdult size mask also available
Item# RES195ML


  • Latex Free
  • DEHP Free
  • Universal adapter with spiral vents
  • Mask made from soft and comfortable material which easily contours to the patient’s face to minimize medication loss and reduce waste
  • Mask’s exhalation safety valve releases CO2 when patient breathes out
  • One-way valve opens to allow inhalation of aerosol and closes to prevent patient from exhaling into the chamber
  • Drug delivery is further enhanced by the antistatic quality of the chamber, a feature that helps prevent medication from clinging to the chamber wall


  • Chamber Volume 160cm³
  • Weight 65 grams
  • Mouthpiece Diameter 22mm
  • Dimensions 53mm x 150mm
  • Storage Temperature 14°—113°F (-10°—45°C)
  • Storage Relative Humidity 30%—80%
  • Single Patient Use Yes
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