Low Concentration
Delivery System

Sunset Lynx Venturi Low Concentration Delivery System and Diagram

24% – 50% FiO₂

Six O₂ ports deliver concentrations of:
24% • 28% • 32%
35% • 40% • 50%

  • Connect O2 tubing to the desired port and adjust flow
  • Accurate delivery during mild, moderate, and severe respiratory distress
  • Excellent CO2 washout
  • Replaces multiple venturi adapters which often get lost during patient transition

High Concentration

Image of Sunset Lynx Venturi High Concentration Adapter

65% – 100% FiO₂

Single flow (flush) with an adjustable window shutter delivers oxygen concentrations of:
65% • 80% • 100%

  • Allows rapid de-escalation of FiO2 in the EMS ambulance or ED to prevent toxic effects of FiO2, especially in patients with COPD
  • Can replace bulkier high concentration venturis and non-rebreather bag systems
  • Consistently delivers precise FiO from 24% – 50% with 1% variance, and from 65%-100% with 3% variance during mild, moderate, and severe respiratory distress
  • Accurate assessment of the severity of hypoxemia (PaO2/FiO2) allows early intervention and better outcomes

Seamless Transitioning

  • Stays with patient throughout EMS, ED, ICU, OR, PACU, Medical/Surgical floor journey

Unprecendented Simplicity

  • Single mask and two venturi adapters deliver the full range of oxygen concentration from 24% to 100% FiO₂
  • User-friendly with clear, concise and easy-to-use instructions requiring limited training

Unmatched Precision

  • Comparable products vary as much as 30%

Cost-Effective Device Consolidation

  • Replace multiple oxygen delivery systems:
    • Multiple colored venturi adapters (24-50% FiO2)
    • High concentration large venturi (50-90% FiO2)
  • 100% NRB bag system
  • More economical deescalation and escalation costs
Condition Treatment Competitive Product Options Competitive Product Cost Sunset Venturi Cost and Part Numbers
Mild to Moderate Hypoxia 24% – 50% Oxygen Delivery Multi Colored Venturi System $1.50 $2.99
Low Concetration System (RES2400)
Multivent Venturi System $2.50
Moderate to Severe Hypoxia 50% – 90% Oxygen Delivery Large Volume Nebulizer $4.00

$2.99 + $1.18
Low Concetration System + High Concentration Adapter (RES2400 + RES2401)

Severe Hypoxia 100% Oxygen Delivery 100% Non-Rebreather $1.50
Combined cost to deliver 24% – 100% Oxygen $7.00 – $8.00 $4.17

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