CAP6100L CPAP Moisture Therapy


1oz Tube – 18/case

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  • Petroleum-free with Aloe Vera, Vitamins A & E, and Argan Oil
  • Maintain soft skin and eliminate discomfort from dry/cracking skin
  • Moisturize the nose, lip and over the ear where friction may cause discomfort from your CPAP device
  • Prevent chafing, irritation, dryness or cracking from using a CPAP mask or other delivery device

Argan Oil
Rich in nutrients and antioxidants, argan oil
moisturizes, protects and soothes dry skin without
clogging pores. It can also promote wound
healing and reduce signs of aging.

Aloe Vera
Aloe vera is well-known for its soothing and
anti-in ammatory properties. In addition to
moisturizing, it relieves skin conditions, manages
acne, fades dark spots, and slows signs of aging.

Vitamins A & E
Vitamins A & E prevent skin from losing moisture
and protect cells from damage. They soften skin,
speed up healing, prevent breakouts and support
the skin’s immune system.

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