CAPSOM505042 Transcend Micro™ Essentials Pack


Introducing the Transcend Micro™ Essentials Upgrade Pack – your all-in-one solution for enhancing your Transcend Micro CPAP experience. This pack includes all the essential accessories you need for your Transcend Micro, the smallest, lightest, and quietest travel CPAP in the market.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive Package: The Essentials Upgrade Pack includes a muffler kit, hose holders, HME pack, plug adapters, air filters, and a travel pouch. Each item is designed to work seamlessly with your Transcend Micro CPAP machine.
  • Great Value: Priced below the retail value of each included item, the Essentials Upgrade Pack offers a nice discount, providing excellent value for money.
  • Long-Lasting: The muffler kit and air filters included in the pack can be used by a buyer later when they need to change out these items, which should be done every three months.
  • Enhanced Humidification: The HME is a great accessory to aid with humidification, ensuring you receive humidified air during your sleep therapy.
  • Travel-Friendly: The travel pouch is compact, lightweight, and stylish, making it a perfect companion for your Transcend Micro CPAP machine on your travels.

Detailed Information

Transcend Micro WhisperSoft™ Muffler Kit

The WhisperSoft muffler kit included in the pack is designed to reduce the noise produced by your CPAP machine, ensuring a quiet and peaceful sleep. It’s easy to install and replace, making it a convenient addition to your CPAP setup.

Transcend Hose Holder

The hose holders provide a secure and stable placement for your CPAP hose, preventing it from tangling or getting in your way during sleep. They’re designed with a Velcro band and a metal clip for easy attachment to your bed sheets or clothing.

Transcend AirMist™ HME 4 Pack

The AirMist heat moisture exchanger (HME) is a great accessory that aids with humidification. It traps the humidity from your exhaled breath and recirculates it when you breathe in, preventing dry mouth and enhancing your comfort during CPAP therapy.  The pack contains four AirMist cartridges and one AirMist adapter.

Transcend Plug Adapters

The plug adapters are designed for international use, fitting outlets in the EU, AU, and Britain. They allow you to stay powered up wherever your travels take you. The adapters modify the electrical outlet, they do not change the voltage, and support universal voltage 110V-240V.

Transcend Micro PureFresh™ Filters Pack

The two PureFresh filters included in the pack ensure you receive filtered air during your sleep therapy. They’re designed for easy replacement and typically last for up to three months once installed.

Transcend Micro Travel Pouch

The travel pouch is compact, lightweight, and stylish, making it a perfect companion for your Transcend Micro CPAP machine on your travels. It’s grey with blue trim and discreetly marked with the Transcend name and logo.

The Transcend Micro Essentials Upgrade Pack is designed to enhance your CPAP therapy experience, providing you with all the necessary accessories in one convenient package. It’s an investment in comfort, convenience, and peace of mind. Order your Transcend Micro Essentials Upgrade Pack today and experience the difference!