Deluxe Closed Ventilation Suction System


One-handed Suction Control Switch
Ergonomic suction control switch with a built-in security lock to visually determine if the device is in the OFF/ON position. Offers a quick and easy, single handed operation design, which allows you to keep your eye on the patient and do no harm. One handed operation allows the free hand to support the ET or Trach device to ensure less trauma to the site.

Irrigation Port offers a one-way valve to prevent backflow leakage and easy access for cleaning the closed suction system.

MDI Port provides access for drug delivery as needed. Large and easy
to grip port allows for rapid medication introduction.

Isolation Valve seals the irrigation chamber to provide a better cleaning of the catheter. Allows for continuous ventilation and prevents backflow of saline during cleaning to ensure patient comfort and safety.

Catheter Tip
Atraumatic rounded catheter tip for minimal tracheal wall injury.

Black Ring Indicator ensures that the catheter is properly withdrawn from the ET or Trach device. Black ring must be visible in the plastic sheath after suctioning the patient.

24 Hour Adult

Endotrachael 540mm

Item# Description
VEN160100A 10Fr
VEN160100AM 10Fr, MDI Port
VEN160120 12Fr
VEN160120M 12Fr, MDI Port
VEN160140 14Fr
VEN160140M 14Fr, MDI Port
VEN160160 16Fr
VEN160160M 16Fr, MDI Port

With Wedge + Adapter

Item# Description
VEN162100A 10Fr
VEN162100AM 10Fr, MDI Port
VEN162120 12Fr
VEN162120M 12Fr, MDI Port
VEN162140 14Fr
VEN162140M 14Fr, MDI Port
VEN162160 16Fr
VEN162160M 16Fr, MDI Port

Tracheostomy 305mm

Item# Description
VEN161100A 10Fr
VEN161100AM 10Fr, MDI Port
VEN161120 12Fr
VEN161140 14Fr
VEN161160 16Fr
VEN161160M 16Fr, MDI Port

With Wedge + Adapter

Item# Description
VEN163100A 10Fr
VEN163100AM 10Fr, MDI Port
VEN163120 12Fr
VEN163140 14Fr
VEN163160 16Fr

72 Hour Adult

Endotrachael 540mm

Item# Description
VEN365100A 10Fr
VEN365100AM 10Fr, MDI Port
VEN365120 12Fr
VEN365120M 12Fr, MDI Port
VEN365140 14Fr
VEN365140M 14Fr, MDI Port
VEN365160 16Fr
VEN365160M 16Fr, MDI Port

With Wedge + Adapter

Item# Description
VEN367100A 10Fr
VEN367100AM 10Fr, MDI Port
VEN367120 12Fr
VEN367120M 12Fr, MDI Port
VEN367140 14Fr
VEN367140M 14Fr, MDI Port
VEN367160 16Fr
VEN367160M 16Fr, MDI Port

Tracheostomy 305mm

Item# Description
VEN366100A 10Fr
VEN366100AM 10Fr, MDI Port
VEN366120 12Fr
VEN366120M 12Fr, MDI Port
VEN366140 14Fr
VEN366140M 14Fr, MDI Port
VEN366160 16Fr
VEN366160M 16Fr, MDI Port

With Wedge + Adapter

Item# Description
VEN368100A 10Fr
VEN368100AM 10Fr, MDI Port
VEN368120 12Fr
VEN368120M 12Fr, MDI Port
VEN368140 14Fr
VEN368140M 14Fr, MDI Port
VEN368160 16Fr
VEN368160M 16Fr, MDI Port


Item# Description
VEN26000500 305mm, 5Fr
VEN26000500M 305mm, 5Fr, MDI Port
VEN26000600 305mm, 6Fr
VEN26000600M 305mm, 6Fr, MDI Port
VEN26000700 305mm, 7Fr
VEN26000700M 305mm, 7Fr, MDI Port
VEN26000800 305mm, 8Fr
VEN26000800M 305mm, 8Fr, MDI Port
VEN26001000 405mm, 10Fr
VEN26001000M 405mm, 10Fr, MDI Port