RES50051 X-PLOR® Portable Oxygen Concentrator

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X-PLOR with Extra Battery

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Lightweight and compact, the X-PLOR® is ideal for patients who want to replace their heavy oxygen tanks without missing a moment. The X-PLOR is also Bluetooth®-capable and can be connected to your mobile device through Belluscura’s newly developed Nomad Biometrics™ App. With a rechargeable battery, easy-to-use interface, and high oxygen output, supplementary oxygen has never been more approachable or affordable.


X-PLOR® Unit
8-Cell Rechargeable Battery
User-Replaceable Sieve Bed Cartridge
Air Intake Filter
AC Power Adaptor
DC Power Adaptor
Carry Bag With Handle & Shoulder Strap


Pulse and No Breath Detection mode Portable Oxygen Concentrator. The X-PLOR weighs 3.75 lbs*, with a lightweight design that is perfect for patients looking to replace their heavy, metal oxygen tanks and live a more mobile, active lifestyle.

Belluscura’s patented, award-winning ModulAir® technology integrated with their proprietary ultra-rapid processing and consumer-replaceable sieve technology allows them to make smaller, smarter, and more efficient oxygen concentrators, resulting in reduced costs and broader potential treatment options.

The Nomad Biometrics™ mobile app tracks your X-PLOR oxygen concentrator unit’s oxygen purity, battery life, alarm history, and battery cycle. It is Bluetooth®-compatible with an easy-to-use interface. By downloading the Nomad Biometrics app, you can enjoy the experience of oxygen therapy on the go. Available in the iOS store and Google Play.

X-PLOR is FAA compliant, meaning it is just as safe and easy to travel with as it is reliable!

*Weight with battery.


  • Oxygen output 82%-92% purity
  • User-Replaceable Sieve Bed Cartridge
  • Airgonomically™ Designed to be lightweight and compact for easy travel
  • Long-Lasting, Direct Charge Battery: Up to 4.5 hours of use when fully charged
  • Pulse flow settings 1 through 4 delivering 215 to 750 ml/min
  • No Breath Detected (NBD) mode is a battery-saving mode that runs at Auto-pulse15 BPM at the units current setting
  • FAA Compliant


X-PLOR has 4 pulse flow oxygen settings delivering 215-750 ml/min as well as the auto pulse No Breath Detection mode that delivers oxygen at 15 BPM on the units current setting. The X-PLOR is designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

Setting 1 Setting 2 Setting 3 Setting 4
Total Volume Per Minute (mL/min) 215 425 635 750
No Breath Detected Mode 15 BPM Auto pulse


Dimensions: 7.3 in x 2.9 in x 7.6 in
Weight: ≤ 3.75 lb
Auditory Output: < 39 dB(A) at Level 2
Charge Duration: ≤ 4.5 Hrs
Charge Time: ≤ 6 Hrs


X-PLOR® User-Replaceable Sieve Bed Cartridge


X-PLOR® 8-Cell Rechargeable Battery


X-PLOR® DC Power Adaptor


X-PLOR® AC Power Adaptor


X-PLOR® Carry Bag


X-PLOR® Backpack