RES7002 – Maxtec Handi+ Oxygen Analyzer


The Handi+ oxygen analyzer is great for spot-checking O2 percentages in hospitals, clinics, and home care environments. To better meet your oxygen analysis needs, Maxtec has improved the Handi+ O2 analyzer with a simple-to-use, one-touch calibration button, calibration reminder, automatic off, and brand-new overmold.


  • New and improved one-touch calibration button
  • Durable overmold for extra protection
  • Small, convenient, and portable
  • Auto-off
  • Maxtec 24-month warranty

RES7002 size diagram

Comes with:

15mm Tee Adapter
Maxtec Tee Adapter
Flow Diverter
Maxtec Flow Diverter

RES7002 Maxtec Handi+ Features Diagram illustration


Sensor Type MAX-250 galvanic cell w/Temperature Compensation (Non-Replaceable)
Measurement Range 0.0 – 99.9% oxygen (gas)
Resolution/Display 0.1% – The three digit LCD indicates values between 0.0 – 99.9% oxygen. Over range indicated by one decimal point on display located after the first digit
Response Time <15 seconds for 90% step change (at 25°C)
Linearity/Accuracy @ 15° to 40°C. ± 1 % of full scale at constant temperature, R.H. and pressure when calibrated at full scale; ± 3% actual oxygen level over full operating temperature
Power Powered by one internal, non-replaceable, Lithium battery, CR2450. Power on push button automatically shuts off after 80 seconds time-out. Electronics rated general purpose; not for use in hazardous areas or for use with flammable gases.
Battery Life Approximately 1850 hours (74,000 cycles)
Sample Port M-16 x 1 thread with diverter fitting and barbed tubing adapter
Diverter Fitting Fits medical standard 15mm “T” adapter
Operating Temperature 15° to 40°C
Storage Temperature -15° to 50°C
Expected Storage Life Two months. Special freshness seal on sensor.
Operating Pressure Atmospheric pressure to 3psig
Environmental General purpose housing equivalent to NEMA 1. The Handi+ is not waterproof. 0 – 95% RH, non-condensing
Weight Approximately 3 oz (85 grams)

Handi+ Flyer
Handi+ User Manual