WB66120 Celon Wet Bands 66 x 120mm for CGA 540 Valves

Bucket of 1,500

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Create a perfect seal to protect oxygen tank valves

Easy to apply, safe and effective

Sunset’s celon bands are eco-friendly tubular bands of cellulose that shrink as they dry to perfectly seal oxygen tank valves and protect them from dust or contaminants during storage or transportation. Celon bands are easily applied by hand to achieve a professional finish and are the perfect solution for heat sensitive products such as oxygen tanks. When ready to use the oxygen, users simply tear away the celon band to reveal a clean valve and attach a regulator.


  • Eliminates dust, dirt & dampness
  • Hand applied
  • Heat-free solution
  • Creates a secure and wrinkle-free seal
  • Professional finish
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Biodegradable

Biodegradable and sustainable material

Sunset’s celon bands are made in the UK from extruded cellulose from wood pulp derived from renewable resources. The bands are fully biodegradable when they are discarded. The bands come in a plastic bucket, packed in a mild preservative solution in a plastic bag. The bands can shrink up to 40% of their original size when they dry around the oxygen tank valve. Celon bands are guaranteed for 12 months unopened.

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