CM022-KIT – SleepWeaver Élan Nasal Mask Starter Kit


By Circadiance

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SleepWeaver’s loose fit provides ultimate comfort, a perfect seal, and eliminates strap marks

All SleepWeaver masks should be fitted loosely for the best seal and comfort

Included in your Starter Kit

  • Mask
  • Regular Cushion
  • Large Cushion
  • Headgear
  • Feather Weight Tube
  • Overhead Tube Tether Strap
  • Quick Start Illustration Guide


  • Detachable 90° elbow with 360° rotation allows for over the head hose placement
  • Latex free
  • Cleans by hand or washing machine
  • Small & quiet
  • Easy to store & pack for travel
  • Lightweight & flexible
  • No jet of air with exhalation
  • No line of site obstructions makes it ideal for wearing glasses, reading & watching TV
  • Made of soft cloth
  • Two sizes: Regular & Large
  • Inflates like a balloon to create seal
  • No pressure points
  • No rigid plastic clips, frames or buckles
  • No morning marks on your face

HCPCS# MASK – A7034 • HEADGEAR – A7035

*Please note the cushions are not reimbursable.


“The SleepWeaver Élan is the most comfortable mask on the market!”
Phyllis O., Springfield, TN

“The SleepWeaver Élan is the best mask I have used in the last 12 years of BiPaP use.”
Edward S., Norfolk, VA

“The SleepWeaver Élan is comfortable, easy to fit and soft. I also have no more red marks on my face. I highly recommended it and no looking back to my old mask!”
Joan M., Republic of Ireland

“I love it! The SleepWeaver Élan is so easy to clean and wear. It is very comfortable and superior to hard plastic masks.”
Dawn M., Slatington, PA

“The SleepWeaver Élan is the only mask my skin can tolerate.”
Ken O., Coalville, UT

“The Élan is very comfortable; it fits to my facial features much better than other masks and I can sleep on my side comfortably.”
Alan M., Las Vegas, NV

“The Élan provides a perfect fit and is very soft. I love that it doesn’t impair my vision.”
Janelle S., Mansfield, AR

“The SleepWeaver Élan is very comfortable, easy to use and fairly priced. It is also great for travel because it’s lightweight and does not take up room in my bag.”
Ophelia L., North East, PA

“I am delighted with the Elan. I can now sleep on my side comfortably without the mask digging into my face.”
David W., Boston, MA

“The SleepWeaver Elan is by far the best CPAP mask I have used. I would not go back to the plastic type.”
Karen L., Cedar Rapids, IA

“Finally a mask that I can keep on all night and allows me to sleep in any position. I wish that it hadn’t taken 6 years to finally find a product this good. Thank you SleepWeaver!”
Steven B., Las Vegas, NV

“I have tried just about every type of mask available and the cloth mask is so much lighter and easier to wear. It does not cause my skin to have the allergic reactions the other masks did and it is so much more comfortable. I will never try any other mask.”
Patty J., Jacksonville, FL

“The SleepWeaver mask is the best out of the all the mask I have used, which have been several. The cloth vs plastic on your face and the flexibility they provide are great.”
Laurie Z., Allegany, NY

“I really like the SleepWeaver Élan because it is the most comfortable mask I have ever used.”
Darlene S., Black Mountain, NC

“The SleepWeaver Élan is light and comfortable. I’m now getting eight hours of sleep and waking up refreshed.”
Celeste B., Bradenton, FL

“This is without question a superior product. It’s easy to use, readily seals, and remains sealed throughout the night.”
John C., Santa Barbara, CA

“I would rate Élan with 10 out of 10 due to ease of comfort, lightweight and not stuffy. It is highly recommended.”
Frank M., Brick, NJ

“It’s a great nasal mask and the best thing that has come to CPAP therapy in years!”
Theresa P., West Brookfield, AL

“I love this mask! My old one left marks on my face that lasted all day and with the SleepWeaver I have none. It feels like heaven!”
Jean S., Port Charlotte, FL

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