Mojo 2 Vented Full Face Mask


With headgear

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Small CM50817
Medium CM50818
Large CM50819
Extra Large CM50820

The Mojo® 2 Vented masks features Custom Fit Technology™ and a Forehead Adjustment Screw. Together, they provide a personalized fit with maximum comfort.

Forehead Adjustment Screw
Removes pressure from the bridge of the nose for personalized fit.

AIRgel Cushion and Forehead Pad
Maximum comfort, minimum weight. Patented AIRºgel minimizes pressure points and skin irritation.

Custom Fit Technology
The shapeable shell of each mask can be easily molded to fit individual needs. Bend It. Mold It. Shape It.

Quick-Release Magnetic Headgear Clips
Lightweight, breathable headgear disconnects from mask easily with one hand.

Oxygen Port
Allows easy delivery of supplemental oxygen.

360° Rotating Elbow
For optimal tube positioning and easier mobility.

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CM50817, CM50818, CM50819, CM50820