CM205 Sol Full Face CPAP Mask


CM205S – Small
CM205M – Medium
CM205L – Large


Sunset Healthcare Solution’s new Sol Full Face CPAP Mask offers premium features without the premium price tag. Maximize reimbursement without sacrificing quality or compliance and help patients wake up to a brighter day with Sol!

Easy pop cushions
Cushions attach or detach from mask in an easy pop; no need to painstakingly align pieces

Quiet vent
Honeycomb design reduces airflow erosion intensity for gentle and quiet flow

Quick release connector
Rapidly and easily separates or connects mask and the tube

Soft and light headgear
Skin-friendly fabric, light and stable design helps patients comfortably adapt to treatment

Replacement Cushions
CUCM205S Small
CUCM205M Medium
CUCM205L Large

Mask Without Headgear
CM205SNH Small
CM205MNH Medium
CM205LNH Large

Replacement Headgear

Sol Flyer

Sol Instruction Manual