Standard Pediatric Closed Ventilation Suction System

Once the airway is clear, withdraw the catheter completely into the plastic sheath. A black mark on the catheter indicates full withdrawal.

ISO color coded for instant recognition of catheter sizes.

Smooth tubing surface and atraumatic rounded catheter tip for minimal tracheal wall injury.



With Y-Adapter

Item# Description
VEN66000500 305mm, 5Fr
VEN66000600 305mm, 6Fr
VEN66000700 305mm, 7Fr
VEN66000800 305mm, 8Fr
VEN66001000 405mm, 10Fr
VEN66000500M 305mm, 5Fr, MDI Port
VEN66000600M 305mm, 6Fr, MDI Port
VEN66000700M 305mm, 7Fr, MDI Port
VEN66000800M 305mm, 8Fr, MDI Port
VEN66001000M 405mm, 10Fr, MDI Port

Standard Closed Suction System for Neonatal/Pediatric VEN6 Series IFU