Ruby Style and Adjustable Chinstrap Fitting Guide

Hi! My name is Brenton and I work in product development for Sunset Healthcare Solutions. Today we are going to demonstrate Sunset’s new Ruby Style chinstrap, Order# CS007. This chinstrap is designed to directly compare with the PureSom Ruby Chinstrap.

This soft, burgundy-colored chinstrap is thinner and lighter than other leading models and was designed for comfort and has an exceptionally secure fit.

This chinstrap cups the chin at a lower angle to provide maximum support and stay secure all night.

The Ruby Style Chinstrap is made entirely from one piece of soft latex-free neoprene and comes in sizes, small, medium and large. It is a fixed size as opposed to the Sunset Adjustable, Order# CS003, which compares to the PureSom Ruby Adjustable Chinstrap. It has 5 sizes and can be adjusted with Velcro tabs across the top of the head and across the back of the head.

I am now going to demonstrate the fitting of the new Ruby Style Chinstrap. For this particular head I would use a medium. Why? Well, you can determine the proper size by measuring from the chin, around the top of the head, and back.

Sizing measurements are listed on the Sunset website in the Ruby Style Chinstrap product information flyer. As well as in the product instructions, that comes with the Chinstrap.

To fit this chinstrap, start with the curved edge in front of the head and with the label in the back of the head. Pull the chinstrap over the head securely onto the chin.

Check the fit. Is it secure on the chin? Is it not touching the patient’s ears? Is the label in the back? Perfect it fits.

Now I’m going to demonstrate how to fit the Sunset Adjustable Chinstrap, available in five sizes, small, regular, medium, large and extra-large. This is a great chinstrap for patients who are hard to fit. Sizing dimensions for this chinstrap are available in the Sunset catalog, or website.

The thin adjustable strap attaches at the top of the head and can be adjusted to better fit the patient. The thicker bottom strap attaches to itself at the back of the head. Now you have a nice custom fitting chinstrap.

Thanks for watching this Sunset product demonstration. Both of these chinstraps are now available for purchase. To request a sample please contact your sales rep at 877-578-6738.

If you would like us to demonstrate any additional products in our line please write us a suggestion in the comment section below.

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