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New strides in travel

Summer is here! Here are some new products designed to help patients travel easier and faster at the airport, on the road, or off the path.

H2Doze CPAP Water

H2Doze CPAP Water is a great new way to maintain health when traveling with sleep apnea.

Even though most patients know distilled water is essential for CPAP treatment, it’s often hard to find small enough portions when traveling.

Each bottle of H2Doze is labeled so that patients can check it right through airport security. It is cleared by TSA and FAA as medically necessary when accompanied by a CPAP machine.

Patients who travel often may also want to incorporate H2Doze into their regular at-home treatment routine. That way there’s no wasted water to pour out from those gallon jugs!

One 16.9 ounce bottle of H2Doze covers two nights of use.

Portable CPAP Battery

The new Portable CPAP Battery fits in a handbag or small luggage pocket and has even more capabilities and features to benefit patients.

The battery has 110 volts, which means patients can run a CPAP machine for up to 14 hours. Patients can now also use the battery to run their other devices, such as laptops or curling irons.

The two USB outlets next to the AC outlet can charge cell phones even while running a CPAP machine.

This would be a great item for patients traveling in groups or with family!

Transcend 3 miniCPAP


The Transcend miniCPAP line helps free patients from the constraints of daily CPAP treatment whether traveling or at home.

They’re the smallest, lightest CPAP devices!

The new Transcend 3 is an upgrade on the classic model. It has a sturdier base and a new swivel nozzle to improve comfort. It’s still compact enough to fit in one hand, and it still weighs less than a pound.

Transcend 3 is also FAA approved, so patients can use it in flight. It’s a go-anywhere device.

Mini Mesh Nebulizer

Sunset’s portable Mini Mesh Nebulizer is our newest great value option for asthma patients.

We think this mini nebulizer is a fun entry into the portable market! It’s handheld, quiet and fast.

Our Mini Mesh Nebulizer is also very attainable — it’s a great option for cost-conscious patients. The NEB400 makes it possible for patients to leave compressor nebulizers at home.

It runs on just two AA batteries or any USB port.


Sunset will be on the road again this September for the HME News Business Summit in Cleveland, and at Medtrade Atlanta this fall. We hope to see you there!


Dollars and Scents!


We added new retail items to our line to add comfort to CPAP and oxygen therapy.


Bring the power of holistic healing to your CPAP therapy with these 16 unique and refreshing aromatherapy scents. The aromatherapy uses calming scents to make your overall CPAP experience more enjoyable.

To use our new aromatherapy kit simply place one drop of aromatherapy into the white diffusion pad. Then either place the diffuser stand directly beneath your machine’s air filter or bend the legs of the diffuser base to make an elevated stand. Natural oils create comforting sensations and help to soothe and relax.

Our starter kit includes the minty fresh Clear scent, made from peppermint, lime and soothing lavender. The starter kit also includes the more calming Peace scent, a relaxing scent made from French lavender, clary sage and marjoram to enhance a restful sleep. All of our aromatherapy products are made with all natural essential oils.

The diffusion pads are completely reusable. We recommend using the same dedicated pad for each type of oil. Scented pads may be stored in the included plastic bags to preserve the scent.

Sunset Order#
CAP5001 – Aromatherapy Starter Kit
CAP5002 – Replacement Aromatherapy Pads
CAP5003 – Replacement Aromatherapy Tray
CAP5004 – 30ml Aromatherapy Refills 

CPAP Pillows

Specialty pillows designed for CPAP users to allow comfortable sleep for all mask types in any position. The cut outs on the left and right sides of the pillow allow the user to be comfortable when sleeping with any mask.

The CPAPmax offers 4 pillows in one. One side is memory foam or flip it over for a standard fiber pillow. There’s also a ¾ in. foam layer in the center of the pillow that can be removed to adjust the thickness of the pillow. Additional pillow styles and replacement covers also available.

Sunset Order#
CAP4003 – CPAPmax Pillow
CAP4002 – 5in High Profile Pillow
CAP4001 – 4in Standard Profile Pillow

RoEzIt Moisture Therapy

Petroleum-free lotion with Aloe vera and vitamins A & E. Apply at beginning of treatment and as needed to maintain soft skin and eliminate discomfort from dry/cracking skin. Use to moisturize the nose, lip and over the ear where friction may cause discomfort from the oxygen cannula or CPAP mask. Prevent chafing, irritation, dryness or cracking.

Sunset Order#
CAP6100L – CPAP Moisture Therapy – 1oz Tube
CAP6100S – CPAP Moisture Therapy – 3cc Sample Tube
RES6104L – RoEzIt Dermal Care – 1oz Tube
RES6104S – RoEzIt Dermal Care – 3cc Sample Tube

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Get your Customers on a Resupply Schedule

pj-video (3)
PJ on HME News

Unlike the initial set up revenue, resupply revenue streams in steadily over a long period time. The replenishment market for sleep therapy can be lucrative especially with cash items like tubing comfort wraps or cleaning supplies which need to be bought regularly. Instead of putting your energy into building  new customer base to increase revenue, try putting more focus on your current customer base by providing your existing customers with the best most complete care possible by establishing a good resupply schedule.

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How to Profit 
with CPAP Masks

Emerging technologies and lower cost alternatives present new opportunities.

With competitive bidding looming on the horizon, and reimbursements potentially being cut by 40-50 percent, many HME providers are looking for lower cost alternatives to save their profit margins. We at Sunset Healthcare Solutions sell masks from nearly every manufacturer, so we’re often asked about sales trends in the respiratory industry. Recently we have seen a spike in lower-cost masks, as providers are looking to turn away from masks that carry a hefty price tag. Also, masks that fit a unique niche in the marketplace are doing well, since HMEs want to stand out from their competition and explore alternatives that fit the specific needs of their clients. In this article we’ll explore some of the options available and what you should look for when selecting masks.

In terms of selecting a brand, we have found that while sleep doctors or labs might be partial to a certain brand because they like the sales rep who visits their office every week, studies have shown that end-users do not tend to have the same brand recognition for their mask. In fact, many PAP patients don’t even know the name of the mask they are using. Often patients are open to trying a new mask as long as it’s comfortable and works for them. So if you have doctors or labs who do not prescribe a certain brand of mask, you have the freedom to find alternatives that fit the needs of your patient while also saving you money. There are many types of masks in the market such as InnoMed, RespCare, Sunset, SleepWeaver or the new Tap-Pap mask that are lower cost than the traditional name brand manufacturers.

Above all, your masks need to work for your patient, so ask them what they are looking for and try to find a mask that fits those needs. For some clients, a lightweight mask might be the most important requirement, while others might prefer one that reduces red marks or eases their claustrophobia symptoms. Once you find out what your patients are looking for, do some research into alternatives to masks you currently buy:

•  Go online to review websites like 
or to see what other 
patients are saying about the masks you are less familiar with.

•  Ask manufacturers for samples to let your 
patients try them—many are happy to give 
customers a sample or free trial as a way 
to gain additional business.

•  If you are not able to get a free sample, most manufacturers have a money back guarantee so if you or your clients are not satisfied with the masks, you can return them at no cost.

We have had particularly good feedback on 
the following masks that are all available at 
a price that allows profit after competitive 
bidding reimbursements go into effect:

Nasal Pillows

RespCare Aloha Mask: It’s gotten great reviews on, is very lightweight, quiet and has fully adjustable pillows to get a good seal.

TAP-Pap: This mask is new to the market and is already one of the top selling nasal pillow masks. It has a mouthpiece to hold it in place, so it completely eliminates the need for headgear.

Breeze SleepGear: This classic mask has been around for a while and continues to be popular with nasal pillow users because it doesn’t have straps against the cheeks and has seven pillow sizes to fit everyone.


Sunset Deluxe Nasal Mask: Sunset’s newest nasal mask is extremely lightweight and has a replacement cushion for added reimbursement.

SleepWeaver Advance and Élan: If you haven’t tried a cloth mask yet, we recommend it. The Advance mask is one of our top sellers and the newer Élan is not far behind.

Full Face

Sunset Full Face Mask: This popular mask is the one-piece design that has the same features as the older generation Probasics Zzz-Mask that many patients loved. Probasics has discontinued the mask but it’s still available through Sunset.

Fisher & Paykel Flexifit 431: This mask features much of the same technology of their newer Forma mask such as the glider strap and under chin design, but it’s an older generation so it comes at a lower price. As a bonus, they included all three size cushions in the same box so you only have to stock one model.

Sunset Deluxe Full Face Mask: Available this April, this new Deluxe Full Face mask is ultra-lightweight because they removed the T-bar forehead support. That also created a clear line of sight which is great for claustrophobic patients.

If you try a new mask and isn’t exactly right for your patient, give that feedback to the manufacturer. You would be surprised by how often those little tips can make a big difference. When Sunset launched their new Deluxe CPAP masks earlier this year, we listened to the feedback from several of our customers and added some additional features, like an extra swivel at the connection, which would make the mask more comfortable for active sleepers.


New and Improved Deluxe CPAP Masks

At Sunset we always strive to go above and beyond to meet our customers’ needs. We set out to improve the new Deluxe Masks to include additional features to add comfort at a price that will make your next competitive bid a little easier.  Look around at the new masks’ features and give us a call if you want to see one for yourself.





Top 10 Reasons to Try a Cloth CPAP Mask


We’ve been long-time fans of the SleepWeaver masks here at Sunset Healthcare Solutions. In fact, the Advance is one of our top-selling CPAP masks and the newer Élan is not far behind. If you haven’t tried them yet, here’s a list of our Top 10 reasons to consider them.

  1. More sleep positions – because it’s made of cloth instead of hard plastic, patients can sleep on their back, side or stomach without rigid buckles, hard clips or faceplates digging into their skin. Cloth mask users report waking up in the middle of the night and wondering if it is still on their face, only to find it gently resting in place.CPAP mask lines
  2. The cloth material inflates like a balloon that pushes gently against the patient’s face to form a seal. Because it’s fabric, it can match the contours of any patient’s face to reduce leaks. The material also works to wick away moisture, reducing rainout.
  3. For customers who complain about their conventional hard plastic CPAP mask leaving behind ugly and uncomfortable red marks, this mask is a great alternative.  Made almost entirely of soft, wicking material, this mask adds comfort, minimizes skin irritation and strap marks.
  4. The new Élan comes with a regular and large cushion to better fit a wide variety of patients. Also included in the kit are a feather weight tube and tether strap.
  5. Both masks can be comfortably worn while wearing glasses, no bulky T-bars, so you provide your customers with the nasal mask with a view! Patients will enjoy a clear line of sight, great for people who are claustrophobic.Sleepweaver colors and washing
  6. Patients can personalize their mask with five fun colors and fashionable prints: Leopard, Camo, Pink, Tan or Blue.
  7. Less noise – the masks are designed with new, smaller exhalation holes that diffuse the air to eliminate noise upon exhalation. This provides a quieter night’s sleep for the patient and their bed partner.
  8. Both masks can be easily cleaned by hand washing with a mild non-abrasive detergent. If needed, they also can be disinfected and reprocessed to be used between patients in a hospital or sleep lab setting.
  9. Both masks come with a 90 day warranty and 30 day risk-free money back guarantee. If you aren’t happy with it, contact your Sunset rep and we’ll send your money back. There’s no excuse not to try.
  10. You don’t have to just take our word for it, try it yourself and see why 12% of all nasal CPAP users on have made a switch to the cloth mask.
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Sunset CPAP Kits Featured in HomeCare Magazine Article on How to Build Lifelong PAP Customers


Excerpt featuring Sunset Healthcare from an article in HomeCare Magazine by Larry Anderson. 

Full Service Approach.

Fully servicing existing patients enables providers to maximize profitability in PAP products, said Ashley Wood, director of operations at Sunset Healthcare Solutions. Replacing masks, tubes, cushions, chinstraps, humidifier chambers and filters as often as the patient’s insurance will allow can maximize HME reimbursements and profits. Wood noted that the reimbursement for supplies can add up to more per year than the device rental fees for a new CPAP setup.

Sunset Healthcare Solutions specializes in replaceable PAP accessories, including their own line of tubes, filters and masks as well as masks, cushions and humidifier chambers from major manufacturers.

“We also carry many hard-to-find filters or replacement parts for machines and masks that are previous-generation and might be discontinued by the original manufacturer,” Wood said.

Sunset Healthcare Solutions offers a customizable Resupply Kit that includes an entire three- or six-month supply of CPAP tubes, disposable and nondisposable filters and even a mask, cushions, chinstrap or humidifier chamber in a single easy-to-handle kit.

Wood suggested the addition of retail products such as CPAP mask wipes or accessory cleaners that provide continuous revenue in addition to reimbursements. “By adding retail products to their line, HME providers have a diverse product set to fall back on as reimbursements are being cut,” Wood said.

Read the full article in HomeCare Magazine here


CPAP Cleaning and Cash Reimbursement Tips

CPAP cleaning supplies

With declining reimbursements, cash products are a great way to increase revenue while also providing your patients with convenient, easy-to-use cleaning products. This article describes the best products for cleaning CPAP equipment, as well as recommendations for cleaning schedules and techniques.
To prevent growth of mold and bacteria, regular cleaning is essential. However, this task can be tedious without the right supplies.

Daily Care

To remove dirt and oils and prevent buildup, clean the mask and cushion with a cleanser or wipe that is gentle enough for daily use. As a general rule, people can use any cleaning product on their mask that they would use on their face. Anything stronger with scents, alcohol, antibacterial agents or bleaching ingredients can cause the cushion to break down or irritate the skin.
Several products are designed specifically for CPAP masks with all-natural ingredients that are safe enough for daily use. One of the most popular brands is Citrus II, available in a dispenser with 62 wipes or a box of 12 individually wrapped wipes. Both options have their uses. The dispensers are compact. Many of our customers provide each of their respiratory therapists with a few dispensers of wipes, one to demonstrate to the patients how to clean their masks during the initial fitting and additional ones to sell. This helps show proper maintenance and can also lead to a cash sale on the spot.
The individually-wrapped wipes are great to give away as a sample with each new patient setup, and are useful for patient travel or in-store promotions.
If your patients prefer to use a spray, Citrus II offers CPAP Mask Cleaner Spray in either 8-ounce or 1.5-ounce travel size bottles.
In addition to wiping down the mask, instruct your patients to empty the humidifier chamber each morning and leave it open to air dry for the day. They can refill it with distilled water at night. Avoid using tap water to prevent mineral buildup in the chamber that could damage the machine.

Weekly Care

Clean all equipment on a weekly basis, or more frequently if the patient is recovering from illness. First detach the mask from the tube and remove the headgear and cushions. Soak the headgear, tube, mask, humidifier chamber, reusable foam filter, chinstrap and any connectors or adapters in a 50/50 solution of warm water and Citrus II CPAP Concentrated Cleanser for 10-20 minutes.
After soaking, rinse thoroughly with warm water. For best results, hang the tube, headgear and chinstraps to allow them to dry completely. The mask, cushions, chamber and filter can be left out on a towel to dry. Ensure the filter is fully dry before placing it back into the machine. If your patient lives in a wet or humid climate and they have trouble getting their tube and mask to dry fully, Hurricane makes a Home Edition CPAP Equipment Dryer that safely dries products without damage. However, make sure patients are aware that they should not machine wash or dry headgear or chinstrap as it will damage the material or affect the size.
To clean the machine, make sure it is unplugged, and wipe it with a cloth soaked in warm water or a mix of warm water and CPAP Concentrated Cleanser.
With filters, a good rule of thumb is: If it is foam or labeled as reusable, it can be washed weekly and reused for six months, per Medicare guidelines. If it is labeled as ultrafine or disposable, it cannot be washed and must be thrown out and replaced every two weeks. Washing a disposable filter will cause it to lose shape and effectiveness. Some machines use only disposable filters while others can accommodate reusable foam filters, as well as disposable ones. Check with the manufacturer, and explain the difference to your patients to avoid confusion.
During the weekly washing, patients can substitute vinegar, unscented liquid dish soap or hand soap in place of the CPAP Concentrated Cleanser, but they should not use rubbing alcohol, bleach, scented soaps or antibacterial soaps as they can break down the equipment.

Effective Display

How do you encourage patients to clean their products regularly? First, inform them of the health implications of inhaling mold and bacteria growing in their equipment. Also, make the cleaning products easily accessible, and start them off on the right foot with samples or cleaning demonstrations during setup. To assist in this, one product is the CPAP Cleaning Product Display Kit, which is a full display of all the most popular CPAP cleaning products in a tabletop format. The display signage spells out the features and benefits of the cleaners. It displays well next to the register to encourage cash purchases.


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